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How it All Started
Polanex Foods International is a Canadian family owned business. It started with the opening of Elka Food European Deli in Mississauga, Ontario. It’s purpose was not only to sell European type foods, but also prepared deli food.

After eight years Elka Foods was featured in the "Toronto Life" in the Best Food section, and also in "Canadian Business" as the leader in New Products. At the same time, in 1996, we started importing canned meat products from Poland. We were the first food retailer in Canada to do so. These products proved very successful in the Canadian and the US markets. The demand for those products grew at a very fast pace.

Elka Foods store was the birthplace of our soups. We decided to start production of soups for the Polanex Foods in 2001. From the beginning our foods were free of preservatives.

We Must Be Cooking Something Good!
A huge amount of phone calls and favourable opinions from customers regarding the taste and quality of our soups and meals prompted us to close the store down and focus on the ready-meal production.

Today and Tomorrow
We have developed a wide assortment of soups and meals on the basis of traditional recipes known by our Grandmothers who were excellent and experienced cooks. All our products are tested by government-approved food testing laboratories, and have valid Nutrition Certificates.

Our soups and meals can be found in numerous European style deli stores and supermarkets. Under name SZAFRAN as our trademark we have been acquiring a large share of the soup market, that keeps on growing.

We have your favourite meal
We have developed a wide assortment of soups and meals based on traditional recipes of Central and East European origin.

Our meals cover broad spectrum of tastes: From lightly tangy and sour: White Borsch, Sauerkraut Soup and Sorrel Soup, through medium: Red Borsch, Pea Soup and Tomato Soup to mild Vegetable Soup or Mushroom Soup, all the way to a very mild and smooth Chicken Noodle Soup and Barley Soup.

We always work on developing new products. They all have many things in common: Natural ingredients, homemade quality, no trans fat and no preservatives.

Health and relaxation
You can count on SZAFRAN to deliver the exceptional taste, quality and value. Natural ingredients and just right combination of mild spices gives our meals the wholesomness you crave.

Find a quiet and delicious respite from the hustle and bustle of today's world - with a flavourful bowl of homemade Szafran soup.

Just like at grandmother's!

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