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As the demand for traditional, hearty products grows at a very fast pace Polanex Foods answers to these demands. Overwhelmingly favourable comments and opinions make us confident that our soups and meals will find their way to your table. We are a Canadian family-owned business that started as a deli store. The experience allowed us to know our customers well, their tastes and their needs. Currently we offer close to twenty kinds of soups and meals. We do not use preservatives. Our long 12 months expiry date is due to our high standards of preparation mastery.

Traditional, wholesome taste

Homemade meal never tasted better. And was not as easy to prepare! Just open the lid and warm up your favourite soup or meal. Enjoy it in minutes, just as if you cooked it slowly for hours. That's the Szafran answer to fast food. When Szafran soup is in your refrigerator, you can enjoy slowly cooked, wholesome meal instantly. Our careful choice of all-natural ingredients coupled with precise and just-right proportions of spices gives you traditional, homemade meal - fast.
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Let’s help our children to eat healthy

Healthy and nutritious, soups are easily digested. Soup, as a meal with high percentage of water can satisfy the appetite of your child better than a "dry" meal. The healthy choices are learned, and there is no better time for teaching them, than when we are children.
Szafran soups are in the mainstream of responsible nutritional choices. Low in fat and trans-fat free they are healthy and delicious alternative that does not contribute to childhood obesity and an addiction to processed foods. Let’s teach children to enjoy soups! A bowl of Szafran soup is a great start. Order now


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